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Meron Worku General Contractor is a local construction firm established to execute works to the standards required as well as to the best satisfaction of the client

Build Your Dream

16 Years Of Undefeated Success

The story of a team or individual who has achieved the seemingly impossible: remaining undefeated for sixteen years. Through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, they have overcome every challenge that has come their way.


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Years of experience with proud


Temporary and Permanent Workers

Build Your Dream

Quality Services

Housing and various buildings construction

We offer construction service for various residential and commercial buildings including office buildings, retail stores, and industrial facilities.

Roads, bridges and culverts structures

We have tremendous experience in building roads and bridges by taking durability our first standard

Various building supplementary works

Providing various building supplement works that have high standard for different construction purposes


We are very welcome to help you on your construction need with our professional Engineers

landscape construction

Landscape construction

We take our responsibility serious in designing and implementing the landscaping need you have into reality

We Follow Best Practices

Our company has far-fetched values that are pillar to the success of the company and to the quality of work we deliver

Residential Villa Renovation

BGI Hawassa, Ethiopia

Road Mainteance

BGI Kality, Addis Ababa

Kombolcha Brewery

BGI Kombolcha

Factory Construction

Zebidar Brewery, Wolkite

Building Construction

Ziway Winery, Ziway

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